Marketing Sales and Service to the Retail Trade
What we do...

Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc.
was incorporated in 1997. The purpose of the Company is to act as sales and service representatives for various principals to the Retail Trade in Canada. The Company employs and contracts sales and support staff on a national basis as needed to service our customer base.
Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc. have offices located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, and only 45 minutes from our major market in Toronto.
The agency provides its clients with complete marketing communications support including media planning/buying, creative design, print production management, public/press relations, direct mail services, and trade show coordination.
Every creative execution must derive from strategy. We are firmly committed to producing results for our clients. Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc. greatest strength is its dedication to solid marketing.
It's only creative if it sells. Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc. markets differences. We work hard to come up with the unique position which effectively differentiates our client's product or service from the rest. Then we create communications which drive that difference home.
Marketing is essential in today's highly competitive world. Customers and prospects have many choices and competitive share is elusive. Effective marketing communications inform, persuade, and remind. They attract, encourage, influence, sway, and convince. They establish presence, create image, and build awareness. They stimulate sales.
Effective marketing communications are our stock in trade. So if you want to sell more to established customers and want to speed up the conversion of prospects, you'll find disciplined creative professionals who know how at Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc..

National Service

Knapp, Hawley & Associates Inc. provides service from coast to coast for corporate level presentations and in-store service where necessary depending on the product line and market in question.  Detailed, in-depth presentations are the norm. Over the years, we have made hundreds of presentations. We realize that listing new products is only the end of the beginning. The number of merchandisers changes from time to time based on our needs. Several are bilingual.

Category Management

We take pride in understanding our markets and our product lines. Being national in scope we have an overview of what is happening in the industry. Category management means many things, from customized programs, in-store merchandising, planograms, program selling and more.

In-Store Merchandising Support

Merchandising support covers many areas at store level. Planograms, modular set-up, POP displays, POS management, new item placement, returns, retail price management and order solicitation are all in a days' work. One particular strength is product knowledge training. Our merchandisers are trained to give product knowledge sessions at store level on an on-going basis.

Trade Show Support

We have organized, coordinated and participated in hundreds of Trade Shows. We consider Trade Shows an integral part of our success. Trade Shows provide a forum to launch new products and solidify existing relationships.
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